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Starting a SaaS Products Blog

A few weeks ago, I decided to take some time and rewrite the software as a service (SaaS) article on Wikipedia. The older version had multiple issues and was tagged in need of attention from an expert on the subject for a long while. As a frequent user of Wikipedia—like more and more human beings on this planet—I’ve decided to give something back to others; in this case: my time.

A few days later, and after having spent several good hours (obviously more than originally anticipated), I felt that the result was within reason. It included some background and history (evolution from on-premises software), some blurb around pricing (recurring, contrasted with traditional software products), architecture (multi-tenancy), characteristics, and adoption drivers and challenges.

Going through this process, though, caught me a bit by surprise. Clearly, the move of software into the SaaS model is happening, and is no longer a speculation or projection. Yet, it was interesting to see how little information was out there about SaaS (no up-to-date Wikipedia article? You got to be kidding…?). Information about specific areas within the SaaS ecosystem (software lifecycle, pricing, sales, operations, support, …) was almost impossible to find. To date, there are still no meaningful books about SaaS on (really, check it out).

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